Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning McKinney, Frisco, Plano, Melissa, Wylie, N. Collin County, TX

Cleaning Ceramic floors are often overlooked due to the work involved in scrubbing each tile and grout line for hours on your knees. One of the biggest threats to tile surfaces is toxic mold. Mold develops when moisture builds up and heat and moisture are allowed to fester and mildew. Mildew continues to develop into mold which can reduce the life of your surface. Manufacturers of tile and grout recommend that ceramic tile surfaces should be cleaned and sealed every 2-3 years for a long life.

Heaven’s Best provides Tile & Grout cleaning services in McKinney, Frisco, Plano, Melissa, Wylie, N. Collin County, TX.

At Heaven’s Best Tile Cleaning, we can help you with cleaning…

  • Ceramic Tiles on Bathroom Floors & Walls
  • Kitchen Floor
  • Travertine & Limestone Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning Mckinney, Frisco, Plano

Tile & Grout Cleaning Process:

  • First we sweep the floor to remove the dry dirt from the surface
  • We then apply a cleaning solution that can break up the dirt stuck in between the grout lines
  • Next we scrub the surface paying special attention to the tough stains and spots
  • After cleaning the surface thoroughly, we apply a grout sealant that protects your grout from future dirt & spills.

Call Heaven’s Best Tile & Grout Cleaning today instead of getting on your hands and knees to clean the floor; let Heaven’s Best clean it for you.

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